"If you have a diamond, let him guard the Ridgeback"

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Piedāvā Rodēzijas ridžbeku kucēnu 2 puikas un 2 meitenes

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We offer Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies
2 boys and 2 girls

If you are interested, please contact me
What's app +37129461833 breeder Irina Knestjapina

Puppies are vaccinated according to age,

have FCI LKF pedigree, chip, veterinary passport, contract, they will be able to move to a new home

Our puppies mother

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Our puppies  father Tina Trading Temujin



Africa - this continent has become the historical homeland of many modern dog breeds - Bassenji, Azawak, Slugi, South African Boerboel, Rhodesian Ridgeback

Our family is attracted by its appearance and behavior,
as well as by numerous legends - Rhodesian Ridgeback, “African Lion Dog” or “Lion Heart and Flying Paws”, friend and protector of the family!


These beautiful dogs appeared in our home in 2013 and our hearts are forever given away to this breed. Elegant, strong, eye-catching and having great endurance the Rhodesian Ridgebacks are an universal breed. There are many legends about a lion dog, a lion hunter, as many call them.     
Our dogs really do have excellent working and hunting qualities, tested in field trials. 
They can be successfully exhibited at dog shows, run after the hare in lure coursing, search the woods in the footsteps of the quarry, they are great guards. Excellent temperament and character, kind to people, very fond of children, don't bark a lot, their short hair does not require constant care of appearance.
       Representatives are imported from Russia, have the blood of the oldest kennels of Australia, South Africa, the United States.        

 If you have been dreaming about a Ridgeback for a long time, wish to meet them, call and come to visit.


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